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DIY SEO – Don’t Forget Your Website – or Google Will Too!

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Are you ignoring your website because it’s much too difficult to update or come up with a strategy to include in your social media? You should be including links to your blogs or website content in all the posts and information you put out there. You need to be ‘strutting your knowledge’ and letting people (and Google) know just how much you know about your industry. That you are an authority!

Giving your website priority

Have you got more used to using Facebook or LinkedIn or even Instagram because it’s just easy to post there?

Well, if you aren’t doing anything with your website and if you aren’t including it in your business marketing loop then Google will forget about you as well. You need to understand about SEO and possibly doing the bits of DIY SEO that you can.

Many of the algorithms (mathematics) that Google use to determine whether or not you are a decent and worthy business to include in their rankings take your website activity into account. And if you are not using it then you are missing out… big time!

Is it because you aren’t happy with your website and how it looks?

How do keep my website up to date?

Is it because the services that you offer on your website are just out of date and since you built it, your business has moved on?

We totally understand. It’s much easier to keep up to date with yourself on social media rather than to make massive changes to your site, pay for them and then only want to change them again six months down the line. But keeping your website up to date both technically and with the content is really critical. We check ours virtually on a daily basis. Check out our WordPress website maintenance and management service.

Google ignore out of date websites

And so will your prospects.

Imagine if you arrive at a website and then you contact the business and half the stuff they say they do, they don’t do? That would not be a very good start to a relationship. Equally if most products on a website aren’t available… that’s a real turn off. Funnily enough, websites that sell products are usually more adept at keeping themselves up to date than those with services.

Likewise, a service website is usually much easier to write content for. If you know your industry well there are bound to be lots of things you can write about.

Be busy and give away lots of good information

Google loves generous businesses. So be generous. Take the time to share your knowledge. At the end of the day we trust people who really know their industry and what they are talking about. So just give it away. People aren’t going to not use a professional just because they have given away information on how to do things. Quite the opposite. They are the people we want to use because we trust their skill.

That said, please feel free to download our guide on ‘How to Think Like a Search Engine: DIY SEO’ – it’s free and its full of useful information about SEO and what to do.

As usual, any questions at all about websitesSEO and digital marketing – give us a shout!


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